There are many historic sites throughout northern Colorado, but only a few of these places have undergone the rigorous review required to receive an official designation. Within the Loomis Addition, there are several home owners who have sought historic landmark designation for their property.

Twenty properties have been individually designated; that means that they’re historic in their own right. Most are significant for their architecture, though a few are also important because prominent people within Fort Collins’ history have lived there.

Eight properties have been designated as contributing to a historic district. Though it’s possible they could also have been landmarked individually, the property owners decided instead to band together in order to create the Whitcomb Street Historic District. There are more than eight properties within the district, but only eight of them are within the Loomis Addition. The rest are in the original plat of Fort Collins.

One of the houses within the district had also been individually landmarked before the district was formed. So all in all, there are 27 historically landmarked properties within the boundaries of the Loomis Addition (the area between Laporte, Washington, Mulberry and Whitcomb).

117 S. Whitcomb is in the Whitcomb Street Historic District.

When a house is landmarked, it’s given an official name. This is usually the name or names of the original owners of the house. If the original owners didn’t live at the property for very long, and there was either a significant architect, builder, or other long-term resident, then that person’s name may be used for the property instead.

The following lists were taken from the City of Fort Collins Historic Preservation web page. It lists the address, official name, and date of landmarking for each house within the Loomis Addition. Dates on construction were taken either from Landmark nomination forms or the County Assessor website.

618 W. Mountain Ave. The Crose-Scott-Dickey House is individually landmarked.


Individually Landmarked Properties
on Mountain Avenue

601 W. Mountain Ave.
Aaron Kitchel House

Built 1890
Landmarked 2004

Queen Anne

618 W. Mountain Ave.
Crose-Scott-Dickey House

Built 1907
Landmarked 2013

Craftsman Bungalow

628 W. Mountain Ave.
Sadler House

Built ~1905
Landmarked 1995

629 W. Mountain Ave.
Shenk House

Built ~1900
Landmarked 1991

Folk Victorian

704 W. Mountain Ave.
Giddings House

Built ~1905
Landmarked 2003

American Foursquare

707 W. Mountain Ave.
Evans/Reidhead Property

Built 1922
Landmarked soon!

Dutch Colonial Revival

714 W. Mountain Ave.
Thode Property

Built ~1907
Landmarked 2015

American Foursquare

718 W. Mountain Ave.
JM Morrison House & Carriage House

Built 1904
Landmarked 2006


808 W. Mountain Ave.
Clippinger House

Built ~1898
Landmarked 1997

810 W. Mountain Ave.
John & Edna Squires House

Built ~1907
Landmarked 2003

Folk Victorian

816 W. Mountain Ave.
Isaac W. Bennett House

Built 1903
Landmarked 1993

817 W. Mountain Ave.

Built 19035
Landmarked soon!

Classic Cottage

on Oak Street

716 W. Oak St.
William & Clair Blair House & Garage

Built 1932
Landmarked 2003

Craftsman Bungalow

720 W. Oak St.
Leo and Hilda Ritter Property

Built 1925
Landmarked 2015

Craftsman Cottage

832 W. Oak St.
W. E. Mahood House

Built ~1905
Landmarked 1997

on Olive Street

717 W. Olive St.
William & Eva Stroud House & Garage

Built ~1908
Landmarked 2003

Hipped-box Cottage

723 W. Olive St.
Parsons/Morgan House & Attached Garage

Built ~1926
Landmarked 2007

Craftsman-style Bungalow

730 W. Olive St.
Winslow-Guard House

Built ~1909
Landmarked 2000

American Foursquare

on Mulberry Street

616 W. Mulberry St.
Sheldon House

Built 1905 Moved 1956 Landmarked 2004


on Loomis Avenue

145 N. Loomis Ave.
Howard House

Built ~1897
Landmarked 1995


Properties in the Whitcomb Street
Historic District

The Whitcomb Street Historic District was approved by City Council on January 15, 2013.

601 W. Mountain Ave.
Aaron Kitchel House
(also individually landmarked)

Built 1890

Queen Anne

105 S. Whitcomb St.
Crow Residence and Garage

Built 1921


113 S. Whitcomb St.
Jones Residence and garage

Built 1910

Hipped-roof Box

117 S. Whitcomb St.
Woods Residence and Ancillary Buildings

Built by 1894

Queen Anne

121 S. Whitcomb St.
Garbutt Residence and Garage

Built by 1894

Queen Anne

125 S. Whitcomb St.
Isbell Residence

Built by 1894

Queen Anne

129 S. Whitcomb St.
Montgomery Residence and Garage

Built by 1896

Queen Anne

612 W. Oak St.
Van Sickle Residence

Built 1929