We are a group of Loomis Addition residents who appreciate the unique architectural and historic character of our Old Town neighborhood. Several years ago we contacted the city of Fort Collins Historic Preservation staff to request our neighborhood history be researched and the homes surveyed for their architectural style. The results of these efforts are two reports, “The Loomis Addition Historic Context”, and the “Loomis Addition Survey Report”, both of which can be viewed at fcgov.com/historicpreservation/loomisaddition.php. The Context report describes the history of our subdivision while the Survey report includes a description of each home’s architectural style, year built, and other information about the home’s exterior.

We are exploring the creation of a locally designated Fort Collins Historic District within the Loomis Addition, which would include a specific group of homes and outbuildings united by architecture and physical development. The District would be officially designated by the Fort Collins City Council after a public review and comment process. Please feel free to contact our steering committee members with questions or comments. (Contact info will be added soon.)

Steering Committee

Gina Janett
Bill Whitley
Alan Braslau
Nathalie Rachline
David Dixon
Shelly Terry
Gail Baker
Susan Rogers